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OSHA Compliance Training & Certification Onsite For Medical and dental facilities in florida

Clinical Solutions comes to your facility and provides total OSHA compliance for your medical or dental practice, throughout Florida, providing training and assistance for the facility to meet OSHA standards and certification for all employees. We provide required training, post mandatory signs, necessary documentation, annual updated plans, request forms, and documentation forms for HBV, Biomedical Waste Program, and more.

(CE Broker Course Tracking #20-289706)
(Florida Dept. of Health Provider #50-12426)

Are you concerned about meeting OSHA, state and local mandatory regulations concerning healthcare offices? Our expert consultant comes out to your facility at an affordable fee.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Laws along with state and local governmental regulations have made medical and dental office compliance a time-consuming project as well as an expensive obligation, sometimes involving fines and legal exposure.

Introducing your solution…Clinical Solutions Medical Training Center. We will eliminate this worry with our systematic way of assuring your entire office and staff is in compliance with our TMC-OTC System.

Our training program is an annual certification, that includes training of any new employee or new hire within the valid dates of the annual certificate.

Total Medical Compliance OSHA Training & Certification System For Your Facility

We will develop and implement all of the following programs:

  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Tuberculosis Control Program
  • Posting all Mandatory Signs
  • Bloodborne Pathogens/Needle-Stick Injury
  • Creating Material Safety Data Sheet Manual
  • Documentation Forms for HBV
  • Biomedical Waste Program
  • Forwarding All Regulatory Updates
  • 1Video In-service/Seminar
  • Compliance Manual
  • Compliance Certificate

Course Price: $300

Weather Advisory

Due to Impending Tropical Storm/Hurricane  Nicole. Courses scheduled for Orlando and Jacksonville from Wednesday November 9 through Friday November 11 will be rescheduled.  

Please be safe