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advanced/difficult airway management

The Advanced Airway Management course will equip you to more effectively meet the challenge of advanced airway management in the field. Focusing exclusively on the Difficult and Failed Airway. Expert faculty, teaching in small interactive groups, utilize the latest in simulation technology to teach you how to recognize and manage the difficult and failed airway. Course also includes extensive hands on labs (Basic Airway Knowledge Recommended)

  • Learn from expert faculty who know the unique challenges facing difficult airway.
  • Practice decision making and airway techniques in Code Airway Stations.
  • Face the most challenging patient scenarios in a no-risk environment. These include elevated ICP, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus, foreign body in the airway, direct airway trauma, multiple trauma with shock, and many more.
  • Advanced skills such as trauma intubations, unique anatomy, unique positioning, and variations to the “normal intubation” will be practiced.
  • Needle and surgical cricothyrotomies will be practiced on both manikins and animal models.
  • Pharmacological assisted conscious sedations and paralytics will be reviewed and performed in cases practiced in real time… is RSI for everyone?
  • Didactic and Hands-on Training in Crucial Airway Techniques 
    • RSI
    • CPAP and BiPAP
    • Prediction of the Difficult Airway
    • Gum elastic bougie
    • Difficult airway evaluation using video
    • Capnography
    • laryngoscopes designed for EMS
    • End-tidal CO2 detection
    • Pediatric airway management
    • Digital and nasal intubation
    • Surgical Cricothyrotomy
    • Adult & Pediatric Intubation percutaneous techniques
    • Working Knowledge of Capnography
    • Advanced laryngoscopy and intubation
    • Retro Grade Tracheal Intubation

Weather Advisory

Due to Impending Tropical Storm/Hurricane  Nicole. Courses scheduled for Orlando and Jacksonville from Wednesday November 9 through Friday November 11 will be rescheduled.  

Please be safe